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Welcome To Western Physicians' Alliance

Formally launched in 1994, Western Physicians' Alliance is an Independent Physician Organization (IPA) serving both primary care and specialty physician members in Washoe County, Nevada.

WPA has been instrumental in bringing together physicians to navigate issues such as group malpractice insurance, managed care, and utilization management requirements, matters traditionally outside the purview of most individual and small group practice physicians.

WPA has also improved access to health plans in the region for its members while promoting improved availability, quality and cost efficiency of health care for patients in Northern Nevada.

By providing a strong framework that encourages primary care and specialized physicians to work together, we are meeting today's often formidable health care challenges head-on.

During the past 17 years, WPA has grown to represent over 300 member physicians.  The need for collaboration and cooperation among physicians has never been greater. WPA will continue to provide strong leadership, building bridges with health care payers and hospitals as we advocate for our members in Washoe County